Bottletree Café offers delicious healthy food, along with music

Bottletree2The Bottletree Café is known throughout Birmingham as bringing big name musicians to this small bar and live music venue. During the day, however, Bottletree provides an inventive vegetarian-friendly brunch, offering soy sausage, tofu tacos, veggie burgers and chili.

“I’ve been trying to turn towards a more meat-free diet and when a friend of mine suggested this place, I was surprised as I had only been to shows there,” says student Lauren Howell. “I have only been a few times now, but I’ve changed up my order every time and never been disappointed with the quality or pricing of the food.”

In the outdoor seating, the walls are papered with past concert posters and photographs of musicians that exude the nightlife concert venue for which Bottletree holds its name.

“We are a unique music venue and bar, so we also try and cater to the same crowd with our menu,” says manager Merrilee Challiss. “We have a great staff and we listen to their suggestions, which lead us to want to provide fresh, vegetarian options. We didn’t even think about it being different from any other restaurant in Birmingham in our doing so.”

Established in its following of music lovers, vegetarians and even vegans, the Bottletree Café has created its niche in Birmingham as one of the well-loved venues that provides amusement for all types.