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Five Ways to be Healthier in College

Five Ways to be Healthier in College

It’s time to stop going on those late night Sonic runs and get your health in order.

Being in college can be a difficult time trying to balance homework, social events, organizations, family and much more. But don’t let health take a back seat. Balancing a college lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.

Here are a few small steps college students can take to ensure an overall higher level of health.

1. Order water. As a college student, a large part of your social events will revolve around food—trying out an awesome new café downtown, having dinner with your parents when they come to visit or catching lunch with an old friend. By ordering water when you go out, not only can you cut down your caloric intake (and your bill!) but you can also keep yourself hydrated!

2. Find social ways to exercise. One awesome thing about being in college is that you have access to a lot of fitness resources. Most campuses have gyms and offer classes that can be a lot of fun if you take advantage of them. Have a girl’s night and take a Zumba class or get a pick-up game of football together. Making exercise social makes it more bearable.

3. Eat smaller portions. When you’re consuming most of your meals in a buffet-style setting (think most college cafeterias) it can be easy to get carried away with portions. Stop and listen to your body. You’ll find you’re full more quickly than you think.

4. Cut back on the coffee. Most college students can’t function without a cup of joe first thing in the morning, and coffee by itself isn’t that unhealthy. But when you buy a caramel machi-whatever at the local coffee shop every morning, those calories add up fast.

5. Keep a regular sleep schedule. This seems impossible for most college students, but you would be amazed at how much better you will feel overall by following a similar sleeping pattern every day. When you’re getting adequate amounts of sleep, your body is more balanced, stronger and healthier in general.