Old Baker Farm provides fun, fall, family outing

The $10 entrance fee included numerous activities. Upon entrance to the farm, the starting point of a corn maze was on the left. On the right, children played in an area specifically for them with pedal tractor races, a tumble bus and a large trailer full of fresh-picked cotton called a cotton bounce.

Because the weekend of Oct. 26 and 27 was the Cotton Pickin’ Celebration at Old Baker Farm, vendors lined the walkway as guests ventured deeper into the farm. The vendors sold everything from food to crafts to taxidermy animals. A Civil War battle reenactment was also part of the Celebration, complete with horses, guns and cannons.

The farm also had hay bale mountains, a petting zoo, and a cotton field. However, what drew most people to the farm that day was the pumpkin patch. Guests could take a tractor-pulled hayride out to a large field full of pumpkins. With the price of entry, each visitor was able to pick out one of the pumpkins, which ranged in size from tiny to large.

Sophomore nursing major Chrissy Hessing said, “It was the perfect fall outing full of hay bales, fields, red barns, crunchy leaves and, of course, pumpkins!”

Old Baker Farm is a place for all ages. Both families and college students alike enjoyed the fall festivities.

Freshman exercise science major McKenna Souders who went to the farm with friends said, “I loved going to the pumpkin patch because I think it allowed us to bond while having fun and feeling like a little kid trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin and find our way out of the corn maze like most of us did when we were little.”

By Katy Flinn