Samford Gives Back

This Saturday, April 16 from 8a.m. – 1 p.m. join Samford University’s in giving back to the community of Birmingham as the Samford Gives Back campus-wide initiative seeks to serve the city.

Students from sororities, fraternities, and different organizations across campus will come together Saturday morning in Samford University’s Sievert gym to receive their assignments before going out into the community. Many students don’t know what they will be doing that day, but they come with open hands and eager hearts to serve wherever there is a need.

The Frances Marlin Mann Center for Ethics and Leadership will be sponsoring the initiative by partnering with local organizations. This year’s theme is “love your neighbor” and that is exactly what the Samford community will be doing that day. This initiative is not required for any student but more than 600 students come out to serve every year and each year the number surpasses the last.