5 Ethnic Restaurants in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama has a wide variety of different cultures especially when it comes to food. Below are five ethnic restaurants to enjoy with your family and friends!

1. Grab some delicious bbq at Saw’s

It’s only in the Southern US states where the word barbecue is not an adjective. It’s a noun, and for some, it’s a world all its own. Walking into a true hole-in-the-wall barbecue such as SAW’s BBQ is more than just a place to get some really good food to go, or to sit and enjoy a leisurely meal. It’s an experience.

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Three Inexpensive Nights Out In Birmingham

You deserve a night out. If you are a college student like me, you are probably juggling six or more classes, an internship for academic credit and a paid full-time job just to pay your rent. Because of all these things, you have the right to treat yourself every once and a while. The issue often tends to be that, though you may want a night out, you cannot afford to spend a lot of money. That is where I come in. Having lived in the city of Birmingham my whole life, I knew quite a few spots that can help you save a few bucks while enjoying what the city has to offer. Here is a short list of three different locations in Birmingham on the cheap. You can find directions to each location by clicking on the venue name in the list.

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There is more to Melt than grilled cheese

Melt's fried Oreos

Melt’s fried Oreos

Melt has been bringing decadent and unique grilled cheeses to the streets of Birmingham since 2011. Recently, the popular food truck decided to open a brick-and-mortar establishment in the Avondale community. The restaurant serves all of your food-truck favorites and much more, including desserts.

Any fan of fair food must add Melt’s fried Oreos to their list of top Birmingham eats. The crispy batter mixes with the warm Oreo to create an indulgent treat. Five to an order, they’re perfect to share!


Melt’s restaurant is located at 4105 4th Ave. S. in the Avondale community. They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The food truck, also known as Matilda, is available for private parties, events and catering. Find more information at meltbham.com.

Sweet tooth still not satisfied? Keep an eye out for more Birmingham desserts featured in the next print publication of Exodus.

Birmingham goes nuts for Peanut Depot

JMPeanut1Lex Legate was working at The Fresh Market grocery store when a local produce seller came in and told him that Peanut Depot was for sale.

“I thought, ‘No kidding. What is that?’” Legate says. “You have to come down and see it,” the produce seller told Legate. “What you see is what you get.”

Legate liked what he saw and has now owned Peanut Depot for the past seven years. The business has gone through a number of ownership changes in its 106 years of operation. It was originally owned by the Cassimus family and then changed hands several times before Legate bought it.

Peanut Depot peanuts are roasted on site in a 90-minute process involving antique roasters. Peanuts are for sale in three flavors: roasted, salted and Cajun. Roasted peanuts are natural with no salt or oil. Salted peanuts are lightly salted in their shells. Cajun peanuts are a hot and spicy variety. Boiled peanuts are also sold.

Peanut Depot in Birmingham, ALAdditionally, Peanut Depot distributes peanuts to a variety of businesses including grocery stores, the Birmingham Barons and several colleges.

For those wanting to explore Peanut Depot, Legate provides tours of the store. “You call here and go, ‘Can we come down?’” Legate says. “Yeah, you can buy peanuts. I can tell you about it. Ask for the tour.”

A visit will not only give you a look into a local business, but also a look into history.

“It’s part retail. It’s part historical,” Legate says. “It’s a lot of fun.”

And if you’re looking to buy good peanuts, Peanut Depot is the place to go.

Legate says, “They’re just simply the freshest.”


To find out more about Peanut Depot’s roasting process, watch this video of owner Lex Legate explaining it.

[youtube link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1OTnaVsf38″ width=”590″ height=”390″]


Peanut Depot
2016 Morris Ave.
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 251-3314

Photos by Julie Matthews

Authenticity served fresh at La Paz

For those who have that constant hankering for top-notch queso and classic Mexican food, look for the neon lights in Crestline Village that point to La Paz.

La Paz caters to customers’ cravings for authentic plates such as fish tacos, “over the top fajitas,” Texas barbecue quesadillas and any other Mexican combo you can dream up. La Paz has introduced fresh twists to classic entrees that will fulfill your need for adventure.

La Paz is not only recognized for its delicious food assortments, but the eclectic, Latin American ambiance. Upon entering through the aged wooden door, it’s clear that La Paz is alive with vibrant and natural colors.

Families and neighbors of the restaurant have gathered here for more than two decades. Because La Paz is located in charming Crestline Village, visitors often come by foot and enjoy their meals on the outdoor patio or take it to go.

La Paz has been voted “Birmingham’s Best Mexican Restaurant” and continues to be a local favorite. The original La Paz opened in cityscape Atlanta in 1979. Although many locations have opened and closed since then, the Crestline location is treated as a village landmark that won’t be turning its lights off anytime soon.


Photo by Stevi Sappenfield