Over Easy

From its delectable dishes to its chic, midcentury modern décor, Over Easy has many qualities that make it distinct from other dining establishments. A baby on the Birmingham restaurant scene, Over Easy celebrated its first birthday in November, but it has been a crowd-pleaser from the beginning. Everyone from college students to members of weekly Bible studies file in daily for a fresh spin on breakfast food.

Barre Fitness: Birmingham’s new cup of tea

Wide-eyed, bubbly, and on the edge of her seat, 30-year-old Kate Lourie resembled an excited little girl anxiously waiting for the revealing of a surprise. “I’m an addict,” she confessed, “There’s no doubt. It’s my panacea.” Though the toned, beautiful brunette works in medical sales for a living, it is not a prescription drug that has her raging.

Secondhand smoke laws: a First Amendment debate

Now that smokers represent less than one fifth of the United States population, the minority is fighting to be heard in its efforts against high taxes and regulations. As the tobacco industry tries to defend the right to puff away, they are up against an increasingly intimidating majority viewpoint and strategy. Thus, the tobacco industry has become a growingly easy target for politicians

For the love of music…

Europeans know Tennessee exists because of Jack Daniels whiskey and country music. Bright neon lights, smoke, drinks, crowded rooms, and really loud music are ordinary in “Music City” bars and music venues. But only a select group of musicians have what it takes to really catch attention away from the noise of Music City. “There are a million great musicians,” says drummer Bobby Blazier of crowd-pleasing band The Nashville Alternators. “But the ones that play it from the heart, well that's rare.”