4 easy ways to punch up your polish

4 easy ways to punch up your polish

After scrolling through seemingly endless pictures of nail art on Pinterest, it’s easy to come down with a case of nail envy. While they are fun to look at, these designs aren’t always easy to copy.

An attempt at adorning your nails with red hearts might end up looking like your fingers are dripping with blood. Even with artistic skills, a design might take hours of labor, only to chip the next day.

However there are several ways to decorate your nails that don’t require nearly as much time. Here are four easy ways to punch up your polish.

1. Magnetic Nail Polish

One effortless nail design trick is to use magnetic polish such as Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color (pictured in Kinetic Copper color).

After applying a magnetic polish, an effect is created by holding a design magnet over the nail for a number of seconds. Designs vary depending on the magnet used, but the Sally Hansen magnet creates curved lines.




2. Gold Flake Top Coat

Try a gold flake top coat when going for the luxurious look.

These layers such as OPI The Man with the Golden Gun, (pictured over Nails Inc. Baker Street) provide a spattering of real gold flakes that can be layered over another polish.

The one set back? Most gold flake top coats are a bit of a splurge. The Man with the Golden Gun, for example, retails for $30. However, only a small amount of the polish is needed to add a glitz of gold to your manicure.



3. Textured Polish

Textured polishes such as OPI Liquid Sand (pictured in Get Your Number color) can really take your nails from plain to pizzazz.

The Liquid Sand applies like a regular glossy sparkle polish, then dries with a gritty, matte texture to give a multidimensional look. Textured polishes are both fun to the eye and to the touch.




4. Nail Strips

If painting your nails seems like too much work, try one of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips (pictured in Laced Up design); they create nail designs in a flash.

Made of real nail polish, these strips apply to the nails like stickers with no need for drying time. Their printed designs make it easy to achieve the look of nail art without the skills or the hassle.



Photos by Julie Matthews