5 DIY Halloween Costumes

5 DIY Halloween Costumes

Still don’t know what you’re going to be for Halloween this year? Need a last-minute costume? Here are five “Do-It-Yourself” costume ideas that are easy to make and will save you money.


Materials Needed: white sheet and scissors

Directions: Have an extra sheet lying around the house? Go with a Halloween favorite, a ghost! This is great for a last-minute costume. Just two holes in the sheet for visibility.


Clothing Needed: boots, jeans, and flannel top (optional: Western hat or vest)

Directions: Try sorting through your closet to find articles of clothing you already own that can be mixed and matched, or ask a neighbor or friend what they have readily available to borrow.

Rosie the Riveter

Clothing Needed: red bandana, denim top, red lipstick, and jeans

Directions: Like the Western costume, this can be easily assembled from daily clothing. Look up photos online to try to match the hairstyle of the 1940s icon. Make sure to roll up your sleeves!


Materials Needed: 50 purple or green balloons, purple/green shirt, green felt, 100 small safety pins, (optional: brown hat)

Directions: First, cut a piece of green felt in the shape of a leaf to pin on the collar of your shirt. Use the safety pins to secure the leaf to the top of your shirt (should be near the shoulder). Next, blow up balloons and pin them to your shirt. Make sure to put the pins through the ends of the balloons, careful not to pop them. The balloons should be placed like a grape bunch, so less at the bottom and more at the top.


Materials Needed: Clear umbrella, ribbon/streamers, black and white construction paper, scissors, glow sticks (22”), and tacky/super glue

Directions: Cut out two large circles from the white construction paper and two smaller circles from the black construction paper. Glue these onto the umbrella for the jellyfish’s eyes. Super glue the glow sticks to the umbrella, lining the metal supports, so that the costume will glow at night. Attach the ribbon or streamers from the bottom of the umbrella and decorate as you wish.