5 Ethnic Experiences on Green Springs Hwy

5 Ethnic Experiences on Green Springs Hwy

Birmingham’s diverse culture offers a wide variety of international foods to try. Below are 5 must-try restaurants for when you’re driving down Green Springs Highway on your lunch hour or want something new to eat on a Friday night.

1. Chinese: Mr. Chen’s

Mr. Chen’s Chinese Restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine. It’s affordable, and it’s inside an Asian food market where you can shop for groceries after you eat!

Location: 808 Green Springs Highway

2. Ethiopian + Mediterranean: Red Sea

At Red Sea Restaurant, you can enjoy all your favorite Middle Eastern foods — hummus, falafel, kebabs and more. And, if you catch them at the right time, you may even be invited to attend a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony with the owners!

Location: 22 Green Springs Highway

3. Korean: Seoul Restaurant

Craving Korean barbecue? Visit Seoul Restaurant. A bit on the more expensive side, go hungry and be ready to taste lots of authentic food!

Location: 430 Green Springs Highway

4. Mexican: Los Valedores

This taco truck is technically parked on Oxmoor road, but it’s close enough to the corner of Green Springs that we think it counts. $2 tacos? Yes please. We recommend the chicken tacos, but really, you can’t go wrong.

Location: 301 Oxmoor Road

5. Vietnamese: Phở Quê Hương

Phở Quê Hương offers homemade Vietnamese meals in a casual dining environment. Go enjoy some of their pho, noodle soups, banh mo sandwiches, fresh spring rolls, sweet coffee and more!

Location: 430 Green Springs Highway