Noelle Neader – Editor in Chief 

Noelle Neader is the editor-in-chief of The Local and a Tampa, Florida native. 

“To be a journalist means you have the power to change someone’s world by bringing light to someone else’s. This privilege is something that brings so much purpose to my life; to cultivate inspiring stories through the experiences of the people around me is something I will cherish forever.”

Faith Holley – Managing Editor

Faith Holley is the Managing Editor for The Local and a Canton, Georgia native.

“I fell in love with elevating the voices of others through beautiful and intentional journalism. Journalism allows me to inspire individuals to listen, explore and connect more through my artistic storytelling.”

Grace Watters – Director of Design

Grace Watters is the Director of Design for The Local from Rome, Georgia.

“I love being able to not only capture but also share what makes someone or something unique. The connections I’ve made along the way are ones that I will always be grateful for.”

Christiana Hewlett – Director of Photography

Christiana Hewlett is the Director of Photography for The Local, from Hollywood, Florida.
“I love getting to know people and sharing their stories!”

Olivia Koepp – Co-Copy Editor

Olivia Koepp, from Charleston, South Carolina, serves as Co-Copy Editor for The Local.

“What I love most about being a journalist is the idea that my words can make an impact. Whether I am writing a book or an article, I aim to glorify God in everything I do.”

Rebekah Crozier – Co-Copy Editor

Rebekah Crozier is from Braselton, Georgia and serves as Co-Copy Editor for The Local.

“I  love being a journalist because the job gives me the opportunity to tell the stories of people whose stories may not be heard otherwise. Getting to talk to people and write about their lives is exciting and eye-opening in so many different ways!”

Jackson Tate – Special Projects Manager

Jackson Tate is from Dothan, Alabama and serves as one of the Special Projects Managers for The Local.

“Giving information to people who couldn’t receive it otherwise is a very noble cause. Being able to stick to that and serving the public well is a great profession.”

Ashleigh Jones – Special Projects Manager

Ashleigh Jones, from Charlotte, North Carolina, serves as one of the Special Projects Managers for The Local.

“Journalism has enabled me to pursue fascinating topics, meet unique individuals, and visit places I never imagined I would see. Through words on the page, I hope to highlight the beauty of the world, convey the wonder of each topic, and spark each reader’s curiosity.”

Davis Domesick 

Davis Domesick, from Atlanta, Georgia.

“I  love the freedom associated with writing. What I love most about being a journalist is constantly improving from every story I write.”

Harper Harwell

Harper Harwell, from Birmingham, Alabama.

“I love the opportunities I have to tell other people’s stories through my words and my voice. I think it’s a beautiful thing to learn more about the world through the eyes of the individuals that I interview.”

Mackenzee Simms

Mackenzee Simms, from Nashville, Tennessee.

“Beyond traveling to cool places and meeting interesting people, there is nothing I love more than sharing local stories and shining a light on our communities.”

Veronica Weathers

Veronica Weathers, from Houston, Texas.

“I love being a vessel to share stories to the community around me! Getting to be creative and writing stories that can really have an impact makes me love journalism even more.”