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Best Spring Break Locations

Best Spring Break Locations

Spring Breakers on Miami Beach
Spring Breakers on Miami Beach

It’s time again for Spring Break. With Samford’s break having just wrapped up and UAB’s about to start, Birmingham students join the ranks of the nation’s college students looking for a break from studying.

Where do these students go for this time of relaxation? With so many options for a warm retreat, “U.S. News and World Report” created a ranking system for Spring Break locations based on a college student’s ideal place being one that is “affordable, accessible, popular among their peers and adheres to a party mentality.”

Using that criteria, here is the list that they came up with.

  1. Miami Beach: Affordable compared to other Florida beaches, lined with clubs and bars and pleasant beaches make this location easily slide into first place.
  2. South Padre Island: A tiny island on the tip of Texas, this location is an affordable and lesser-known Spring Break island.
  3. Cancun: Why mess with the classics? This has always been known as one of the most popular spring break locations.
  4. Puerto Vallarta: More than just beaches, this area offers hidden coves to explore. It is an ideal location for students who love the outdoors.
  5. Bahamas: The allure of Caribbean culture draws students in, and the cheap housing options seal the deal.
  6. Jamaica: Another well-known Spring Break location, Jamaica offers all the fun of the beach with a mood that is a bit more relaxed than U.S. coasts.
  7. Puerto Rico: While not a stereotypical spring break spot, Puerto Rico is still famous for its beautiful beaches and music.
  8. San Diego: This location offers sand and boardwalks at a much milder temperature than other places.
  9. Cabo San Lucas: For those students who are willing to pay steeper hotel prices, this location is considered the party capital of southern Baja.
  10. Daytona: A spot that was once more popular with spring breakers, many students are still drawn in by its affordability. Not to mention, you can drive on the beach!