Binge-Worthy Halloween Movies

Binge-Worthy Halloween Movies

Fall is here and along with it comes the Halloween season. In addition to leaves on the ground and the return of oversized sweaters, the change in season also means the updating of Netflix’s library, everything from horror to old childhood favorites. So no matter where you stand on the pumpkin spice flavor debate, here is a list of movies and tv shows on Netflix to watch this season to get you in the spirit.

Practical Magic:
This rom-com stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman and follows two witches/sisters who are stuck with a curse against all the men in their lives. Not quite heart-racing, give-you-nightmares material, but a fun movie with a great soundtrack nonetheless.

Scream 2:
The 1997 sequel to the classic slasher film follows the infamous “Ghostface” as he ravages a small town. While not as classic as the first, if you want a film that will keep you on your toes, this is it.

Scary Movie 2 & 3:
The Scary Movie franchise is not what you would expect. These movies take popular horror films and parody them by mashing up the plot lines and making them ridiculous. Some jokes may fall flat, but if you are looking for something more lighthearted, look no further.

Corpse Bride:
Tim Burton’s creation follows a groom who must search for a way back to his fiancée after he accidentally becomes the husband of a corpse bride in the underworld. This movies is exactly what you would expect from a Tim Burton film and follows in the footsteps of his wildly popular Nightmare Before Christmas.

American Horror Story:
This tv show is unique because it presents a new storyline every season. From a haunted house to a witch coven to an insane asylum, each season presents new twists and turns. If you don’t have time for the whole show, most agree that the 2nd season, titled Asylum, is a can’t miss.