Birmingham Street Style: Week Two

Birmingham Street Style: Week Two

Coffee shops in Birmingham are the perfect place for people with different styles to spend their afternoon.  This week, I stumbled upon a trendy couple sipping on coffee and working on homework at Starbuck’s. Check out this stylish duo in denim.

And no, they did not mean to match their outfits.

Jordan Webb, 20, Student

Denim shirt is from Banana Republic

Pants and shoes are from J.Crew

Watch is from Fossil


What is your favorite piece of clothing?

“I love my denim shirt because it goes with everything.”


Vaughn McCrary, 21, Student

Chambray shirt is from J.Crew

Khaki pants are from Brooks Brothers

MacAlister suede boots are from J.Crew

Tortoise shell clubmaster glasses are from Ernest Hemingway


What is your favorite item of clothing?

“I don’t really have a favorite, but I guess I would also choose my denim shirt.”

Do you consider yourself trendy or hipster?

“I’m definitely not hipster and I wouldn’t call myself trendy either, but I wear I what I like. I’m probably considered main-stream.”