Making it your own at Taco Mama

Making it your own at Taco Mama


Taco Mama has only been open for 15 months, but it already draws in customers because of its healthier take on Mexican fare.

The eclectic taco bar, located in Crestline Village on Church Street, offers a delicious ‘Build Your Own’ menu and numerous drink options.


“The ‘Build Your Own’ cuts out about 300 calories,” says Justin Gordon, an employee of the restaurant. “It’s a big ole plate of goodness.” 

All the ingredients are fresh, so customers can taste the quality of the food in every bite. The ingredients and healthy options for the burrito bowl allow customers to walk away guilt-free.

“You get to eat Mexican and still eat healthy,” Gordon says. The customer walks through four steps: ‘The Form,’ where you decide the base of your meal, such as the taco basket or burrito bowl; second comes ‘The Cornerstone,’ where you decide the meat or veggie mix; then comes ‘The Particulars,’ which are the extra toppings; and finally comes ‘The Sauce.’


So come hungry and thirsty to enjoy the entertaining atmosphere and scrumptious food. The restaurant is open Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

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Photos by Leslyn Bantley