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Christmas Village

Christmas Village

This past weekend, the annual Christmas Village was held at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

The festival is held every year in the first weekend in November and is always widely attended. It features over 700 vendors from around the state selling foods, clothing, gifts, home décor and more.

It’s an annual event that many make a holiday tradition.

“My mom and I try to go every year,” said Carissa Davis. “It’s kind of become a mother-daughter bonding experience for us.”

Because of the rainy weekend weather, guests flocked to the BJCC for the festivities.

“It was packed,” said Davis. “It was kind of difficult to maneuver through all the people, but it was definitely worth it.”

While general admission was opened on Nov. 5, on Nov. 4 there was a private party held for a higher admission price that featured fewer guests and no strollers or two-wheeled carts.

Though some think that November is still too early to begin celebrating Christmas, some attendees enjoyed getting a head start on the holiday season

“Going to the Village puts you in the Christmas spirit,” said Davis. “I don’t think it’s ever too early to celebrate the holidays.”