Daughters Baking

Daughters Baking

When Mallory Webb graduated college, she had no idea what she wanted to do. Now, she’s the owner of one of the largest up-and-coming bakeries in Birmingham.

Daughters Baking started in the small kitchen inside of Urban Standard, a recently closed coffee shop in Birmingham, Alabama. When Webb began working there during college, she became more comfortable in the kitchen. Sometimes when the baker at Urban Standard was out for a few days, they would let Webb step in to help out and allowed her to experiment and make what she wanted.

“This is when I learned that I loved baking.”

Mallory webb, owner of Daughters baking

She began exploring different pastries and cakes but found one particular style of cake in a cookbook that she loved.  In 2016, she started her side-gig of making and selling cakes.

“My first customer was someone I knew from church who really just wanted to support me,” Webb added.

She started to make an Instagram for her company, Daughters Baking, to serve as a sort of portfolio. She began to gain orders by word of mouth. But in 2018, she came to the realization that she needed to quit her job to be able to bake full-time. 

Daughters Baking started off in a small rental commercial kitchen called Yellow Bicycle Catering, where several other well-known Birmingham businesses started off as well- such as Big Spoon Creamery and Hero Doughnuts. Soon after, she gained her first employee and her business has been growing ever since, despite COVID-19. 

Photo courtesy of Mallory Webb

Daughters Baking is known for its naked cakes. These cakes consist of four distinct layers: cake, buttercream, a special filling depending on the flavor and a crunchy topping. Their cakes are known for their texture, complexity and all-around beauty. Their best-seller has been blueberry lemon, but some other big hits are cookies and cream and their traditional wedding cake flavor.