Easter Egg Hunting: You’re Never Too Old

Easter Egg Hunting: You’re Never Too Old


Samford University students participated in the fourth annual, highly-anticipated Easter Egg Hunt. The campus-wide event took place on the picturesque Quad where just over 4,000 plastic Easter eggs were stuffed with candy, gift-cards and other surprises. The Student Activities Council’s Special Events committee was in charge of planning and executing the festive event.


“I loved getting close with the amazing girls on my committee! I couldn’t have done it without all their help and they made the whole process so enjoyable,” Ashley Martin, director of the Special Events committee said.

“We had a blast distributing that many eggs on the Quad and getting to see the event come to life. It was worth every minute when I saw the students diving after those eggs! All of our hard work paid off and I’m so thankful I got to share in this Samford tradition.”


About 400 students met on the Quad just before 6 p.m. As soon as a horn sounded, the eggs were up for grabs. A few students were especially lucky — five won either a $200 gift certificate to The Summit, Beats by Dre or a mini iPad.

“The hunt was a lot more like a race. Think the Hunger Games,” said senior family studies major Caroline Dill, “Still, I loved getting to participate in this Samford tradition for the last time.”

No matter the prizes, all participants gathered together after the race for the eggs for dinner and candy.

Students gathered in front of Hodges Chapel for dinner after the “race.”