Do it yourself: envelope clutch

Do it yourself: envelope clutch

Check out this easy step-by-step process to make your own envelope clutch. If you have a tight budget but are in need of a new accessory, this is the project for you!

Items you will need:
-wrapping paper
-clear contact paper
-needle and thread
-optional: adhesive velcro


Step one:
Cut out a section of wrapping paper. The larger the section, the bigger your clutch, so cut according to your preference of size.


Step two:
Cut your section of wrapping paper into a perfect square. This will help ensure the clutch is even when you fold it in later steps.

Step three:
Lay your square of paper on your flat surface. Precut a section of contact paper about an inch bigger than your wrapping paper piece. Begin to overlay the contact paper onto the wrapping paper (be mindful of the air bubbles that can pop-up during this step- keep a credit card handy to help smooth out any bubbles that do arise). Smooth out the paper as you continue to place the contact paper completely overtop the wrapping paper.


Step four:
Flip the entire project over and place another layer of contact paper on top of existing sheets- keep smoothing out the bubbles.


Step five:
Trim the excess contact paper on the edges of the wrapping paper, making sure to leave about a centimeter of contact paper on each side.

Step six:
Fold three corners of the project together to begin to form the envelope. Use small pieces of contact paper to help secure the folds.


Step seven:
Fold the top corner down to create a flap for your clutch. You may need to trim the top part of the pocket of your envelope to make a more well-defined fold.


Step eight:
Now it’s time to get creative! Add some embellishment with a bright button on the top flap. Sew the button with multiple cross stitches through the paper. Here’s where you can choose to attach velcro to the underside of your flap to help keep the envelope closed.


Step nine:
Time to show off your creation. This clutch is perfect for holding makeup, mints and money! The smooth surface of the contact paper prevents stains on the inside of your clutch. Smaller versions could be perfect for the inside of larger bags or preventing messes in bags during travel.


By Madison Miles