Sensory Friendly Restaurants in Birmingham

Sensory Friendly Restaurants in Birmingham

KultureCity works to make popular attractions, offices and restaurants sensory inclusive. Many places provide sensory bags, which include fidget tools and noise cancelling headphones to use while visiting, helping those with sensory sensitivities. While there are many restaurants that are listed on Kulture City’s website that are sensory inclusive, so here are some popular, local and sensory friendly restaurants in the Homewood and Birmingham areas.

Taco Mama at Edgewood

Taco Mama is a very popular restaurant in Homewood with indoor and outdoor seating. Another bonus is that they are also sensory inclusive. Those with sensory sensitivities can ask a host or hostess for a sensory bag before they order their food.

Revelator Coffee Company in Mountain Brook

Located near the Birmingham Zoo is Revelator Coffee Company. This is a small coffee shop where people work, study and socialize. It may be crowded or noisy, but Revelator is a sensory friendly place with sensory bags available to borrow. They also have a quiet area near the restrooms for those that may need to decompress. Revelator is a great place to get coffee or meet up with friends before or after a fun trip to the Birmingham Zoo or the Botanical Gardens.

Farm Bowl and Juice Co.

This Homewood restaurant serves acai bowls, juice and smoothies. While it is said to get busy at times, sensory bags are available to borrow at the front counter. This is another popular and local restaurant that is also sensory friendly.

Big Spoon Creamery

If you’re craving something sweet, Big Spoon Creamery is a great place to visit in Homewood. Located near the Edgewood Taco Mama restaurant, Big Spoon is another popular place that is also sensory friendly. You can ask a host or hostess for a sensory bag before you order your food. There is also outdoor seating near Big Spoon, so if it gets too crowded or loud, you can sit outside and enjoy your ice cream in peace.

Kulture City has a map of places throughout the United States that are sensory friendly, with information about the restaurant as well as where to find sensory bags or quiet areas. For more information, visit