Four tips for the best Spring Break of your life

Four tips for the best Spring Break of your life

DL Spring Break 1It’s that time of the year again, folks. Yes, the sun is back out and the temperatures are rising just in time for Spring Break. It’s your weeklong hiatus from exams, 8 a.m. classes and cafeteria food, so you have to live it up.

Whether you’re on your way home because you live by the beach, or perhaps lying atop the deck of a Carnival cruise ship, it’s always important to be prepared for Spring Break. So here are four tips to follow to help you have that extra special and memorable Spring Break.

1. Make sure to get that neon “SB” tank top.

First things first, you need a tank top.

And not just any tank top.

You need a bright purple or neon tank top that so discretely shows which Greek organization you belong to or just exactly what year it is on Spring Break.

Don’t forget to complement your tank top with an equally obnoxious neon hat and Ray Bans, as well as your white shirt and jeans for an end of the week photo shoot.

2. If you’re going to drink–especially on Spring Break–don’t post pictures to Facebook of you partying.

It’s never a good idea. Plus, there’s that whole illegal thing if you drink underage.

There’s nothing that reinforces your reputation more than when your classmates can look at photos of your red-eyed, severely confused looking self, clutching the old red Solo cup in hand.

You may have had a good time, but I’m willing to bet your friends won’t be impressed because you got hammered on Spring Break.

3. Apply Sunscreen.

This is a real piece of advice. Nothing ruins a Spring Break like becoming the resident lobster in your group all week

DL Spring Break 2

4. There are places other than Destin.

Resist the urge to visit your de facto Spring Break home away from home. I understand it may be tradition, but dare to be different this spring.

There are plenty of equally awesome, if not more exciting places to visit along the coast of Florida. Try Siesta Key or even New Smyrna Beach. I promise it’s possible to have a great Spring Break experience at places other than Destin, Fla.

Photos by Tanner Fox and Rachel Freeny