How Skateboarding is Thriving in Birmingham

How Skateboarding is Thriving in Birmingham

During these tough economic times, it is always encouraging to hear about the prosperity of local businesses.

In the thick of revitalizing 2nd Avenue North, Faith Skateboard Supply has stayed strong though the recession and extended its reach throughout the Birmingham community since opening in 1995.

Peter Karvoven, the owner of Faith Skateboard Supply, understands the impact a sport like skateboarding can have around the Birmingham community.

Not only does Faith Skateboard Supply support local skateboard professionals, but the store also hosts demos and builds skate venues since the Birmingham area doesn’t have many options.

And that is what makes Faith Skateboard Supply’s drive to build up the skateboard community even more important. In an interview with, Karvoven says that Birmingham talks about expanding the skateboarding culture, but for the most part has failed to follow through.

“The [skateboarding] culture is amazing,” Karoven says to “It’s just that Birmingham is so far behind that they don’t understand how popular skateboarding really is.”

With the rejuvenation of downtown, the likelihood of skateboarding expanding in the city grows stronger. Although skateboarding is behind in Birmingham, Karvoven hopes that Faith Skateboard Supply will continue to grow in the coming years.

“Retail is a hard thing these days, since everything is online or at the mall,” Karvoven adds in the interview. “But there’s a certain nostalgia to independent retail still. Hopefully, people still continue to believe in it and feel it.”

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Video of demos from Faith Skate Supply