Most likely to succeed: Meredith Toering

Most likely to succeed: Meredith Toering

Meredith Toering has a plan that is unlike the typical post-college setup; she is moving to Iraq the day after graduation.

Toering has accepted a job with Preemptive Love Coalition, an international aid group seeking to train Iraqi heart surgeons and nurses.

“The goal of PLC is to eventually put themselves out of business and get Iraq to a place where it can provide all of its own medical care and be self-sustaining,” Toering says.

It is no accident that Toering finds herself on the brink of this cross-continental move. She is confident that the Lord has been leading her to this point.

“The summer after my sophomore year I lived in a Chinese orphanage with special needs children. I was a nanny to an 18-month-old little girl with a heart defect and absolutely fell in love with her. My family adopted her eight months later,” Toering says. “She has had the heart surgery that most of the surgeons in Iraq are being trained to do right now.”

Although an admitted adventure seeker, Toering knows that going to Iraq is the Lord’s idea, not her own. She is not afraid but purely excited for what is to come.

“I know I will be safer over there and in the center of God’s will than I would be here outside of His will,” Toering says.


Written by Courtney Price

Photo provided by Meredith Toering