Oodles of Approval for Doodle’s Sorbets and Ices

Oodles of Approval for Doodle’s Sorbets and Ices


As warm weather shines on Birmingham, the “doodle dance” comes out of hibernation. “What’s that?” you say. Oh, just this happy little jig a satisfied customer will do after a bite of delicious sorbet from the one, the only, Doodle’s.

This Birmingham original claimed the title as a lighter ice cream alternative long before the frozen yogurt train chugged through Steel City. And now that it’s warm enough to eat an icy sweet treat outside, Doodle’s will be calling in the crowds.

This homegrown business operates out of a simple white trailer on a vast patch of green in Cahaba Heights; complete with patio furniture and real life Lincoln logs to rest your caboose. It’s a little off the beaten path, but one trip to this trailer park will have you hooked on all 53 flavors and counting.

RRDoodle3Cookies and cream is a fan favorite, with ample chunks of real Oreo cookies. Then there’s Ninja Turtle—a green mix of flavors you’ll just have to try on your own. For the indecisive, don’t distress. The friendly staff offers suggestions, free samplings and multi-flavored scoops.

If you’re looking for a local hangout, Doodle’s is definitely your destination. It’s one of those hidden gems where the cool people know to frequent. You might have to put up with high school crowds on weekends, but you can’t blame them for their good taste. Grab a friend or two and make your way down to the hot spot behind The Summit. Try not to love this sensational sorbet—I dare ya.

Doodle’s Sorbets & Ices
3238 Cahaba Heights Road
Birmingham, AL
(205) 478-6082

Open all week 11:00 a.m.-10 p.m.
Cash and now debit cards are accepted.


Photos by Reed Richardson