For the love of music…

Europeans know Tennessee exists because of Jack Daniels whiskey and country music. Bright neon lights, smoke, drinks, crowded rooms, and really loud music are ordinary in “Music City” bars and music venues. But only a select group of musicians have what it takes to really catch attention away from the noise of Music City. “There are a million great musicians,” says drummer Bobby Blazier of crowd-pleasing band The Nashville Alternators. “But the ones that play it from the heart, well that's rare.”

Dead Man Walking

When the bars at Holman Correctional Facility closed behind Grady Bankhead in 1986, they closed on the self-described “angriest man in the world”, a man facing death for capital murder, and still nursing wounds from a tumultuous childhood.

Lulie’s on Cahaba

If you asked most high school seniors where they would be 10 years after graduation, chances are their answer would not actually be where they end up 10 years down the road. Lauren Stewart, however, ended up exactly where she said she would be when she was a high school senior.