Q&A with The Mountain Grass Unit

Q&A with The Mountain Grass Unit

The Mountain Grass Unit is a bluegrass band of three Mountain Brook High School students — plus anyone else who would like to join, hence the “Unit” part of their name. Here’s a little background on Luke Black, Drury Anderson and Sam Wilson.

How did you get started in music?

Luke: I was in first grade, and I started taking banjo lessons at Fretted Instruments. My mom wanted me to pick an instrument, and I just chose the banjo. Our family had no history in bluegrass music whatsoever. I just fell in love with the sound.

Drury: I started playing mandolin at Fretted Instruments when I was seven. My dad is a bluegrass fan, so I would listen to it sometimes. But once I started playing mandolin, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I thought it was “just an instrument,” nothing to do with bluegrass, and then I kind of figured out later on that it all connects to bluegrass.

Sam: Luke taught me how to play, actually. My dad had this old Ibanez electric bass in his study, and Luke knew that. He wanted to start a little band in 6th grade, so he said, “Get that and come over here,” and he taught me how to play bass. And I honestly had no interest in bluegrass at all until I started playing it. I’d listen to it, and I was like, “Oh, that’s just that redneck stuff.” Once Luke and Drury dragged me into this, I really started to enjoy it and got a better understanding of the music and how complex it really is.

What has been your favorite moment as a band so far?

Luke: Definitely Horse Pens, a festival we played at. We rented a cabin, which was really fun, so we got to play in there all night long.

Drury: That was like the ideal day. We woke up, ate breakfast, went back to the cabin, practiced, did a gig, felt good about the gig, then got to go back and jam all night.

Sam: Honestly, the best part about Horse Pens — playing on stage was great and everything — but one of my favorite moments from that was . . . all three of us crammed in this tiny cabin, and we just spent hours playing in there.

Who is someone that inspires your music?

Luke: Billy Strings. Genre-wise, I can do anything. I’m a big jazz guy, I love funk, I love bluegrass, I love metal, I love reggae. Billy Strings is my main guy, because he’s kind of like me. His influences are from bluegrass roots, and he has the metal influences too. Also Tony Rice — he’s what started it for me in bluegrass.

Drury: I got into Billy Strings around the same time Luke did, so [he’s] a main influence. I’m big on Sam Bush; I feel like that’s kind of my style. Grateful Dead is also a huge influence. I’ve been listening to them my whole life.

Sam: For bass in general, I grew up, especially in the summer, listening to a lot of Bob Marley and stuff, and I just really liked the bass lines in there. That’s what made me want to start playing bass and start enjoying it.

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