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Rickwood Field: America’s oldest baseball park

Rickwood Field: America’s oldest baseball park

This free option to explore Birmingham is a great place to take any sports buff or enthusiast. Rickwood Field is America’s oldest baseball park and it is full of history. Built by A.H. “Rick” Woodward, the park’s opening day was on Aug. 18, 1910.

According to Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, the Birmingham Barons won five pennants during Woodward’s 1909-1937 ownership. The Barons reportedly sent more players to the majors than any other team during Woodward’s ownership.

The park allows you to explore the area with self guided tours. You can walk through the main entrance to see photographs of old teams and famous players.

The park has seen many greats of the game like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. The history does not stop there – you can enter the field and walk around the grounds, that is, if a game is not going on. Rickwood Field hosts multiple games throughout the year for local high schools, colleges and even private events.

The Friends of Rickwood, a non-profit organization, takes care of the stadium while the City of Birmingham owns it. According to Sports Heritage, The Friends of Rickwood was established in 1992 for the preservation, restoration and revitalization of Rickwood Field.

Field groundskeeper Alvin Harris said, “We have a lot of people come here from all walks. I was a little surprised when I started working for [Friends of Rickwood] because we never had a sign-in book, we got it now – a sign in register book – and we can look back and see where all people come from. They come from Japan, China, from all over.”

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By Madison Miles