Summer 2013 Birmingham Bucket List

Summer 2013 Birmingham Bucket List

The term “bucket list” came from the phrase “kicked the bucket”. A bucket list is usually comprised of things a person must do before dying. Its purpose can be as unusual and unique as the creator itself.

This summer bucket list was created in mind for you to try and maximize a summer spent in Birmingham. Birmingham is continuing to evolve and grow as it works to revamp its image. Here is a list of Birmingham specifics to try.

1. Try a different flavor at Steel City Pops every visit.

2. Attend a concert at the Alabama Theatre.

3. Try four different food truck items from various food trucks.

4. Go to at least three different movies at the Dollar (now, $1.50) Theater.

5. Plan a scavenger hunt around Birmingham with friends.

6. Take a run around Railroad Park.

7. Spend a day wandering around the Botanical Gardens.

8. Attend a concert at the new venue, Iron City.

9. Eat one of the “hidden gems” listed in Exodus magazine.

10. Try one CrossFit class for free.