Summer movies preview

Summer movies preview


Summertime is just around the corner, and while a trip to the lake is always a great way to cool down, don’t forget your indoor options.

Whether it’s a midweek matinee or a Thursday night premiere, sitting in an air-conditioned auditorium for three hours while fights, mystery and romance light up the silver screen can give you a temporary relief from the heat.

Well, not always.

If you don’t pick the right summer movies, you might as well stay sweltering under the mid-July sun. Because Exodus is concerned for your well-being, here’s a list of some of the movies you won’t regret seeing, as well as those you should wear extra-strength film-block lotion to avoid.

Iron Man 3 (already released) – If you loved the first two, or any of the other Marvel movies within the last decade, the third installment of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark should not disappoint.

The Great Gatsby (May 10) – Be wary of this film; if you haven’t read the book, you probably would not be anticipating the movie anyway. If you have read it, be prepared to either enjoy the way its literary greatness is translated to the screen, or else be upset when that one detail that you believe made the book is absent from the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17) – Like “Iron Man,” this should follow the same form as its precursor. Older Star Trek fans might want to stick with the originals, especially if the first film of our century came as a disappointment. However, new Trekkies or fans of modern sci-fi flicks should find this one as enjoyable as the last.

The Hangover Part III (May 24) – The only two good things about this film are that advertisements claim it to be the end of the “saga,” and that the official title uses Roman numerals. Skip this movie at all costs.

The Hangover Part III official trailer

Man of Steel (June 14) – If you want a great superhero movie, get Christopher Nolan to direct it. If you want an epic film score, get Hans Zimmer to compose. If you think Kryptonite is the coolest weakness ever, Superman is clearly your superhero of choice. Go to the midnight premiere, dress up and keep going back to see this movie every day if you have the money, because this film will be a monumental success.

Despicable Me 2 (July 3) – Normally, an animated sequel that purely results from the monetary success of the first film is destined to be forgettable (namely, any 1990s Disney film that had a follow-up). But give Gru, Agnes and all those little minions a chance; after all, how can you say no to such adorable cartoons?

Despicable Me 2 trailer

















Lone Ranger (July 3) – The only reason this film will be good is because Johnny Depp is playing the role of Tonto. While it may not be the best movie to grace to silver screen, the leading man is reason enough to go watch it. Johnny Depp never fails to entertain.

Paranoia (August 16) – Harrison Ford will be glad he has Han Solo to be remembered for, and Gary Oldman will be thankful for Sirius Black. After the first week of July, there really won’t be any good new releases. This one might be the best of them, and that’s not saying much. Don’t waste your money on this late summer flick.

Lastly, remember all the memorable (or not-so-memorable) spring flicks that will be playing in your local dollar theater this summer if you want some cheap entertainment.

Photos from Warner Brothers (Man of Steel) and Walt Disney Pictures (Lone Ranger)