Surviving Allergy Season

Surviving Allergy Season

RRAllergy3The sun is shining, and the temperature is warming. As pleasant as that sounds, it means war for most Alabamians—a war against allergies. Pollen and ragweed and dust mites, oh my! Brace yourself this spring with these simple tips on surviving allergy season with a smile.

Take Your Medicine

Pharmacist Amanda Swecker recommends using chlorpheniramine. “It’s the best antihistamine out there. It’s cheap, and it’s been around for forever,” Swecker says. 

This over-the-counter drug most commonly sold by Advil is packaged as an allergy and congestion relief combination. You can find it at your favorite grocery or drugstore.  

Hit the Showers

Outdoor exposure during the day can leave you covered in unwanted allergens. Taking showers at night is the easiest damage control to avoid sleep discomfort. Dreams are much sweeter with pollen-free hair and a squeaky-clean scent.

To Dust is a Must

Spring-cleaning isn’t just a fun phrase for clearing out the closet. As a first defense against allergies, dust and vacuum your living quarters to ward off sneeze-summoning suspects.

Wash your Laundry

Be sure to wash clothes a little more regularly than normal. Pollen, dust, hairs and all their friends love to cling onto bed sheets, t-shirts and the likes. 

Power Up

Swecker explains that there is no avoiding allergy season in Alabama, but you can make it bearable if you are maintaining a healthy immune system before the season hits. 

“Consuming allergy medicine before symptoms are prevalent won’t have much of an effect for the average patient,” Swecker says. “But taking multi-vitamins to help prepare and boost the immune system is a good idea.” You might also make an effort to add foods rich in Vitamin C and folic acid to your diet.

If you do anything to battle allergies this spring, Swecker says, “Just take your medicine!”

Photos by Reed Richardson