The Many Flavors of Cookie Fix

The Many Flavors of Cookie Fix

As the spring semester is coming to a close, college students are inundated with countless assignments, group projects and exams. The weekdays are spent studying at the library and the weekends are spent studying at coffee shops. Despite the busyness, it is necessary that students find ways to break up studying. 

One way to take a small break is to go and grab a study snack. Cookie Fix, located in Homewood and Cahaba Heights, sells delicious gourmet cookies and cookie cakes. Its cookies are a perfect way to take a few minutes to decompress as the decadent flavors melt in your mouth.  

Amy Jason, founder and chief cookie officer, founded Cookie Fix with a soft opening in late 2016 and her cookies have been flying off the baking racks ever since. With 60+ flavors to choose from throughout the year, you cannot go wrong.

I picked four other college students at Samford University to help me try six different types of Cookie Fix cookies and rank our favorites. The six types of cookies were S’mores, Oatmeal Toffee, Healthy Peanut Butter, Blueberry Jumble, Lemon Blondie and Plain Jane. 

Over The Top Cookie: S’more 

S’more’s Cookie

This week’s Over The Top cookie was a favorite of two college students. According to Cookie Fix’s Instagram, the S’more cookie is its “classic Chocolate Chip topped with graham cracker crumbs, a marshmallow, Hersey chocolate, then a chocolate drizzle, and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs!” 

Cassie Beth Powell said the S’more cookie “reminds me of slow, summer nights by the fire pit” and evoked a feeling of nostalgia. 

Carly Collins described the cookie with the words “What a pleasant surprise on a my Wednesday night.” 

Hopefully, this cookie continues to make its rounds in store during the summer as currently, it was only available this Wednesday, April 14, and Thursday, April 15. 

Oatmeal Toffee 

The Oatmeal Toffee cookie contains “oatmeal, semi-sweet chocolate chips and heath bits.”

Oatmeal Toffee Cookie

For Caroline Wood, she rated this cookie 11/10 describing it as a “religious experience,” while liking the crunch of the heath bits. 

Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie

Healthy Peanut Butter

The Healthy Peanut Cookie contains “NO flour, loaded with Quaker oats, peanut butter, lower in sugar, butter. semi-sweet chocolate chips”

This cookie was the favorite of Madeline Sparks. It “reminds me of my childhood, making no-bake cookies,” she said. “The peanut butter is not overwhelming at all!”

Blueberry Jumble Cookie

Blueberry Jumble

According to Cookie Fix’s Instagram, the Blueberry Jumble contains “fresh blueberries, white chocolate, lemon, toasted walnuts, then topped with a lemon glaze.” 

This cookie was my personal favorite out of the six. The Blueberry Jumble tasted like I was biting into a blueberry pie but in a cookie form. It was the perfect balance of tart and sweet. 

Lemon Blondie Cookie

Lemon Blondie

The Lemon Blondie cookie contains “white chocolate chips, lemon zest, sea salt.”

While this cookie was not anyone’s top pick, 4 out 5 of the people liked the Lemon Blondie. The one person who did not like this cookie was not a fan of lemon in a dessert. 

Overall, I recommend this cookie to anyone who likes a natural lemon taste with a good balance of white chocolate. However, for anyone who is on the fence about a strong lemon taste, this might not be the cookie for you. 

Plain Jane

Plain Jane Cookie

This cookie is an “oatmeal sugar cookie with secret ingredient of cream cheese, with sugar in the raw coating.”

This cookie was also not chosen as anyone’s favorite. Two students were not big fans of this cookie. Three liked the simple flavor and two of those three liked the texture. 

Overall, this cookie is a hit or a miss. It depends if you are looking for a decadent cookie or a simple cookie. My recommendation would be to order this cookie alongside a richer tasting cookie to balance out your taste palate. 

Photos taken by Elizabeth Pridgeon

Cookie Fix cookies, frozen cookie dough and cookie cakes are available to order in-store or online. Check out, Instagram account @cookie_fix and Facebook account, @CookieFixHomewood.