The Multis Project: Meet the band

The Multis Project: Meet the band

The Multis Project is an up-and-coming Birmingham band whose goal is to create a space where many can become one. Part of what makes the group special is that each member’s musical and cultural backgrounds are unique . I got to sit down with Trenton, vocalist and piano player for the group. He told me a little bit about each of the seven members of the project:

Copy of IMG_6429Jesus is from Peru and plays bass for Multis. He brings cultural history to the group while also keeping it relaxed with his “chill, soothing personality,” says Trenton. He plays rugby and is both athletic and hard-working. The other band members appreciate him for his smile that lights up a room and describe him as both approachable and a great listener.



Copy of IMG_6438Michaela is the sassy, creative, classy vocalist of the group. She’s got a soulful voice, and as an actress, she can bring the drama and stage presence needed when performing. Her band members appreciate her detail-oriented nature as well as her big, bubbly personality. “She loves to laugh and is always smiling,” says Trenton.



Copy of IMG_6433Geoffrey plays drums for the group. He is a hard worker and is always striving to grow as a musician. He invests himself completely in what he is  doing and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Trenton and Toussaint Louie, band members, met Geoffrey in Tennessee, and it wasn’t until they heard him play that they decided to begin putting a band together.



Copy of IMG_6411Zac is like the little brother of the group. Though he is the youngest member, he has plenty of potential and is ready to take on the world. He serves as the band’s DJ (“DJ Current”) and accessory percussionist when needed. He is energetic and “all over the place,” but he also has an excellent ear for hearing and creating art, according to Trenton.



Copy of IMG_6418
Hunter is the perfect mix between a hipster and a good ol’ country boy. He is from South Carolina and both plays guitar and sings for the group. He loves hunting and all things outdoors, but he is also known by the group for his sense of style. In addition to his role in the band, he works as the college and young adult minister at Christ City Church.



Copy of IMG_6413Toussaint Louie is Haitian-American and is the “big picture guy” for Multis as he helps cast visions by inspiring a strategic mindset. He also brings a hip-hop element to the group with his rapping skills. He acts as the big brother for the group and keeps rehearsals light-hearted with his sense of humor. He is passionate about what he does and is fiercely loyal. He knows that family and relationships are everything, so he maintains that whoever is in his circle while he is struggling are the people that will be there when he makes it.


Copy of IMG_6422Trenton’s motto is that “details make a beautiful or a horrible masterpiece.” He is optimistic and considers big ideas and pitching visions, while also being an asset to the group because of how business-minded he is. He works on the band’s schedule, communications and professionalism, and he also facilitates rehearsals and arranges songs. He plays keyboard and is a vocalist for the group.



The Multis Project will perform on April 9 at the Beeson Divinity School Barbecue at Samford University and on April 10 for the Samford Residence Life spring concert. Check out the Multis Project on Twitter and Instagram: @multisproject.