Thrift finds: hidden treasures

Thrift finds: hidden treasures


1954 Voigtlander Vitessa L Type 140   (I collect cameras so this is my favorite find!)

Bought: $37.50 (half-priced day at the sale)

Value: $220-$420 depending on condition

Picked from: Hoover estate sale



4 vintage brass elephant wall hooks made in India

Bought: $1 each, $4 total

Value: $20 each, $80 total

Picked from: East Lake estate sale



Vintage Suntone MM500 Deluxe-I camera

Bought: $3

Value: $77.70 from

Picked from: Highway 411 Yard Sale


Latico Leathers Brown computer/tote bag

Bought: $1.50

Value: New $100+. Used $20-$60. I  really can’t put a solid number on it because I haven’t seen it for resale. All of the Latico bags I’ve seen for sale have been anywhere from $20-$200. Here’s a similar bag for sale on for $167.21.

Picked from: Hoover estate sale


Metal embossed camel back trunk

Bought: $40

Value: $80+, based on what I’ve seen similar trunks sell for at auctions.

Picked from: East Lake estate sale


IMG_0268 IMG_0266

1958 National Geographic Society Atlas Folio

Bought: $5

Value: Seen for sale in an antique store for $45

Picked from: East Lake estate sale



Vintage Diana lomography camera

Bought: $2

Value: New for $65 (Urban Outfitters and online). Used, vintage for $30

Picked from: Mountain Brook estate sale