Top 5 Drinks to try from Homewood Nutrition

Top 5 Drinks to try from Homewood Nutrition

Ever find yourself craving a sweet, flavorful drink or shake but not wanting to consume all those calories? Homewood Nutrition, located on Oak Grove Road, is the place for you. They offer a healthier and more nutritious option for sweet drinks. Their flavored and loaded teas are only 24 calories with 0g of sugar, and shakes are only 200-250 calories each with 24-27g of protein. They have so many flavors it can be overwhelming trying to figure which one to try.  Don’t worry; here are the top 5 recommended drinks.

Black Magic Loaded Tea:

This is the perfect drink for a dark berry lover. It quenches your thirst with an ideal mixture of sweetness and a tad bit of tanginess. 

Mermaid Loaded Tea: 

The Mermaid Loaded tea is excellent to drink on sunny days; its taste is similar to fruit punch! If you want to play it safe when trying your first loaded tea, Mermaid is the one for you. Also, look at how gorgeous it is. 

Bahama Mama Loaded Tea: 

Bahama Mama, the name perfectly aligns with the taste. It transports you to the tropics on a budget. Its citrusy yet tropical flavor is an excellent drink for an early morning or post-workout boost. 

Captain America Loaded Tea: 

This tea reminds you of summer with its nutritious red and blue snow cone taste that will make you crave a 4th of July barbecue. Captain America would be honored to know he has this tasteful drink named after him. 

Cinnamon Roll Shake: 

This is a delicious and healthy option if you’re ever craving a cinnamon roll but want one with half the calories. Garnished with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it serves as the perfect dessert substitute and doesn’t slack on the sweetness of an actual cinnamon roll. 

If you didn’t see a flavor you were intrigued by.  Homewood Nutrition has many flavors for every palate with healthy add ons like fiber, collagen, hydration, electrolytes, vitamin B12 and much more. Here’s their full menu for you to plan what tea or shake you will try!