Virtual game ideas to spice up your zoom meetings

Virtual game ideas to spice up your zoom meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on the continuous use of video conferencing platforms. While it is beneficial to virtually connect with others, it can get tiresome having endless virtual meetings. However, to make your virtual sessions enjoyable and build connections with your virtual mates, try using these virtual games at your next virtual gathering. 

  • Trivia  
    •  Compile a list of trivia questions and answers and divide participants into teams. Alternating between groups, have each of them answer questions. Whichever team gets the most points wins bragging rights or a prize. This game can be played in any setting, including a work meeting, class meeting, or even a family game night. Another way to do this is by placing participants into breakout rooms to discuss the answers to the questions and setting a time limit. After the time limit is up, bring them back and have them answer the question. 
  • GIF/Meme Finder  
    • This is a more casual game than a competitive one. In this game, participants can pick a particular topic, for example, “Provide a description of your day.”Then, participants can take turns showing off different gifs and memes relevant to the topic. 
  • What’s That Movie? 
    • If the participants in the meeting are cinephiles, then this game will work well. For this game, the host will share their screen and show different movie clips. The host can then call on someone to see if they know which movie or participants can privately message the host about which film they think it is. Whoever gets the most movies correct can receive a prize. 
  • Read my Lips  
    • All those who have run into the awkwardly funny feature of being on mute while speaking will find this game laughable. In this game, participants take turns being on mute and saying a word or phrase. In turn, the other participants try to guess what the speaker is saying. If the game proves too difficult, the speaker can give hints in the chat feature. 
  • Bingo 
    • Create a bingo card with various phrases and actions associated with virtual meetings. For example, phrases like “You’re muted,” “Can everyone see my screen,” and “Let me switch to my phone.” About the actions, it can be things such as having noise in the background, someone stretches, or someone arrives late. The host will create the bingo cards, email it to participants, and let them know to be on the lookout for these phrases and actions at meetings. 
  • Family Feud  
    • Before the game, the speaker needs to explain Family Feud’s rules and produce questions and answers. Next, divide participants into two equal teams. Possible categories include: name various ice cream toppings, what is the most distracting thing about virtual classes?” and name something you do before you go to sleep. The teams can discuss categories among themselves; however, the speaker must place them into a private breakout room if they opt to do this. The team with the most points wins 
  • Guess Who? 
    • In this game, the speaker takes turns picking out a person on the call and describing them. Then the participants try to figure out who is being described. This game would do well in settings where participants know each other well, such as on work calls or family game nights. 

While there are many virtual games available, these are just a few to get you started. Although it can be monotonous with numerous virtual meetings, these virtual games will spice up your meetings.