Wood-fired: Post Office Pies continues to shine

Wood-fired: Post Office Pies continues to shine

Post office Pies celebrated its one-year anniversary in March, and has continued to draw attention to the growing Avondale neighborhood from its home on 41st street.

When you walk into the transformed former post office, it’s hard to miss the two custom-built wood ovens that Post Office Pies is famous for.

Two of the three woodburning ovens used by Post Office Pies were built by on of the founding business partners.


The two ovens, constructed by one of the co-owners of the restaurant, bake the hand-made pizzas that keep locals coming back for more.

The chicken-pesto pizza at Post Office PIes offers pizza-lovers who prefer sauces other than traditional tomato an appetizing option. (Aperture priority; Shutter 1/13; f/4.5; ISO 800).

Expert chef John Hall, who grew up visiting his grandparents just a few blocks away, has made it his mission to elevate a food that speaks to everyone. Every pizza starts more than a day before it is served, with the dough proofing for over 24 hours before it is formed into a crust. Hall said this process gives the crust a unique taste and sets Post Office Pies apart.

Post Office Pies 4

In addition to its pizzas, Post Office Pies offers a variety of fresh salads. (Aperture priority; Shutter 1/8; f/5.3; ISO 800).

There are also numerous gourmet salad options, including their popular beet and Brussels-sprout salads.



More information about the restaurant and a full menu can be found by visiting